Southern tip of peninsula India (cape comorin-kanyakumari)

It’s been a long time since I have taken a break because of my year of hard work.books books books books.Just imagine how one could read for a whole day routinely for a year.Really I’m so tired of books.Finally came back to my home town from Chennai.Its a wonderful feeling to woke up early in the morning and seeing sunrise at the tri junction of Bay of Bengal,Indian ocean,Arabian Sea.Not Only the sunrise,climbing up on the southern tip of westernghats to see the aerial view of the meeting point of three ocean.(Bay of Bengal,Indian ocean,Arabian Sea).

Southern tip of mainland India_aerial view

It wasn’t easy for me to climb up to the top.Since I was physically dormant for a year,I couldn’t able to manage my breath and my heart beat went up.Its a big lesson for me to engage in a physical exercise even during a busy schedule.It upholds our stamina forever.Still I could able to realise the refreshing feeling when I reached the top.That cool breeze along the mountain gap of western ghats,aerial view of India’s largest wind station(Aralvaimozhi),Atomic power plant in kudankulam.Nevertheless the amazing view of the southern tip of mainland India.

India’s largest wind mill

Western ghats southern tip in kanyakumari

Arabian Sea view

Evergreen kanyakumari

Love with nature


Mathan M.S

His dream life

Dream life of a future police officer

Rajesh is a 25 years old boy who has one elder sister who is married to a good boy.His mother is a home maker and father is a police man.His grand father was also a police man.Like them,He always wanted to be an IPS officer.During school days he didn’t have any ambition as he was simply enjoying the school days.He just went to school and came back.But always he used to do things whichever he likes from his heart.But unknowingly he had been maturing inside day by day as he is able to understand that level of maturity now.Ya,He had learned many things through his experiences.Now,He is an honest man who always wanted to be true to everyone.No matter whether someone is supervising him or not,He is just true to his heart.And he is very kind to everyone.He dosent like to hurt some one whether knowingly or unknowingly.He possess good empathy So he always put him on other’s position before taking any decision.Because then only he can able to realise its impact on others.He has good helping mind so he never hesitates If someone asks for help.He does everything from his heart.Because he needs that happiness out of their smile on their face.He has been waiting for the day to become an IPS officer so that he can do everything which is very close to his heart.Yaa he always wanted to see people’s happiness.Definitely one who approach police would have difficult times on their life.So solving all those things and making them happy is a wonderful feeling.Yes,His heart will not accept any occupation other than this.Even though his father is an police man and seeing his work pressure and work nature,His heart is still longing for that occupation.His father doesnt spend much time with his family because of his work nature.But he never blamed such work process still enjoying it to do.By seeing all these things,Rajesh wanted to manage both family and professional life.Yaa he thinks that both are like two eyes.

One day he went out to meet his friends.During their conversation,one of his friend started a topic life and life partner.So In each one’s turn One has to tell them about their life plans and dream about their life partner.When It turned to Rajesh side,he just simply smiled at everyone and started to describe 😊..

Rajesh told them,I would like to marry a girl who can share everything whether happiness or sorrow to me like what I do.I wont demand any dowry from my girl’s family.In every situation,I will treat her parents same as my parents.Like me,She has some plans about her life so I ll let her to do those things and I ll support her whenever n whatever.Yaa I ll treat her as like I wanted to be treated.Definitely there wont be any kind of privacy between us.I ll let her know even my fb password 😜 which means I do not have anything to hide from her.And I would like to consult her before taking any major decision.Yaa I know well about the difference between feminism and women empowerment.Definitely I ll not make her to feel like enslavement.yaa I would like her to be an independent and courageous.At the same time I ll let her know the difference between being independent and making privacy.Yaa we are two human with one heart 😊.And I would like to leave all my office pressures on door steps when I leave my shoes there.Whenever I see her,I would like to see smile and happiness on her face. Yaaa As I told already,family and profession are like two eyes 😍


can’t they be our rulers?

Everyday I see many people who are working in NGOs(Non governmental Organizations),volunteers,social workers,protesters,social activists etc.

Most of them are very true to their heart and they would not cheat or corrupt even no one supervises them.And No one can touch their integrity.

They are not self-centred.They aspire everyday for the better society.And most of them are doctors,engineers,journalists,writers,farmers.

But the sad reality is,still they are not our rulers😌😌

The Mystery Blogger Award.

Mystery blogger nomination

Hi dear writers and thinkers

I am nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award.This is my first nomination ever.Firstly, I would like to thank Ekta- for nominating me and who have considered me to be worthy of this acknowledgement.I wonder about ekta,she has a good writing skill in the very young stage of her life.Hope,you ll be a great doctor too who can do many things for the betterment of this society.I hope,you will be working as a compassionate doctor.I hope you will.All the very best Ekta.

My dear friends, your love and support for me are greatly appreciated.I am so excited to share this wonderful moment with you all!! I would like to thank all my readers and fellow bloggers for liking and following my blog. It’s been a great journey so far.

The ‘Mystery Blogger’ award was originally created byOkoto Enigma. It is named after the meaning of this award’s creator’s name. In her words, ‘there are so many blogs that are still a mystery to us; when we get to know them, it’s divine and we find friends where we least expect’.

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I’m M S mathan who is aspiring everyday to search for inner happiness.

I have completed Mechanical engineering in MIET engineering college.

Questions for me:

My questions for the nominees-

  1. What’s your favorite place on earth? I love all hilly places.No place in particular.Because l love trekking and rock climbing.
  2. What is the best comment that you have ever received on your blog? Its charak’s comment on Where you can see the god
  3. What’s something that you’d like to improve on this year? I would like to keep consistency on daily exercises.And I’m very curious to learn something about spirituality.
  4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Its been 3 years after engineering,still I have been on the journey to attain my ambition which is very close to my heart.Yaa I’m a civil service aspirant.
  5. If you were given 10 million dollars tomorrow, what would you do with it? I dont need such a big amount.I dont have any belief in happiness which we gets out of money.Even money is a part of it,It have some limitations.Definitely I ll spend a large part of it for charitable purposes.

My nominees are

1 candace N bisram

2 Riya for her unique hobby

3 charak

4 Akhila

My questions to the nominees are

  1. what is meant by happiness to you?
  2. whats your opinion about GOD?
  3. How did you transformed yourself from last year?In what way you are better than last year?

NEET exam and its real face

Dont destroy the dream of poor people

National Eligibility cum Entrance test is being conducted by the government of India for medical(mbbs) aspirants all over India.Like one country one tax(goods and service tax),One country one exam (NEET).Till 2016 Many states of India had been admitted students into medical college based on their Higher secondary school marks.

When NEET is being introduced by the government of India(central govt),Students have to qualify this NEET whatever might be their score in their higher secondary level.Anitha, a student of tamilnadu state had challenged this in supreme court eventually she committed suicide when she heard that judgment wasn’t favour to her.Because she had scored 1176 out of 1200.Her father is a daily wage labour and they belongs to a rural community.She had a dream to become a doctor to serve to this society.You may ask me,everyone used to say to serve this society before becoming a doctor but whats the reality after becoming a doctor.In Northern part of tamilnadu still many doctors have been serving in their rural areas where even basic health facility is being inadequate.

Is it fair to conduct NEET in India?I will make you clear about it.As a largest democratic country in the world(population is 125 crores),India has 29 states and 7 union territories.Its same like federal structure of USA where state government and central government works on their respective sphere.When we see education wise,India have CBSE,Anglo Indian,Matriculation board,state board,State board is further classified as english medium and vernacular language.

Anitha had studied in a state board syllabus.That too in a rural area where there was no coaching institutions.Rural schools do not even have proper infrastructure as like what they have in Cbse schools.People in metro cities and towns can admit their children in coaching institutes and they can afford for it.What will be the situation of people in rural areas where penetration of 100% of electricity is still a nightmare.Is it fair to conduct NEET in the current scenario?

If you wanna check the quality of a doctor,conduct NEET kind of exams after completing their graduation.This will bring well qualified doctors into this society.Dont spoil the dream of underprivileged people. Or otherwise bring a unique and ideal education system throughout India where the SON of the president of India and a normal citizen’s son can study and compete on a same platform.

It will be a healthy competition.

Generosity in Action

need your valuable time and action

Generosity is not only giving your money or materialistic things to the poor or underprivileged But It also includes spending your time for making someone happy by your actions.Because I often heard that everyone used to say I do not have sufficient money so I couldnt able to do anything to underprivileged people.

For them,I used to say that spend your time and action when it is needed for someone.For example,No country has 100 % literacy rate.As a developing country we still have more than 40 % of population who do not have proper education.And our banking procedures are still being so complex.So,When you go to bank for making your transaction,spend your time for filling challan for uneducated people.This is just an example.Because you have education,house,parents,most importantly two beautiful hands. 😊

Dont just see and moving on.So just spend your valuable time and action for someone who really needs it..Generosity in Action and spread the happiness

Narrow minded people

show your broad mindedness 😊

Nothing is stable in this earth.As earth revolves around the sun,each and everything have been changing with respect to time in the earth.So,Human beings and their character is not an exception here.

For instance,You might have seen someone five years back,when you see them after five years they not only changed from their physical traits but also they might be changed from their inner characters.

But its upto him/her whether to upgrade or downgrade.It depends on their exposure and experiences which they got during tha span of time.

You can give advices to your friends or relatives from your experiences which you got in your life.It may console them for that moment but definitely they will not able to follow those advices.Because It should come from their experiences and their mistakes.

Despite being old in age,Some people are very narrow in their thoughts and action.Their actions are be like,They do not even hesitate to scold or even beat a child if a child commits a mistake.They do not accept the fact that a child’s brain gets full maturity when they cross the age of 18th.They are self centred(selfish) people.They dont help people whole heartedly.They may do it as an obligation or do it for something in return.Their thoughts are small as mustard because their mind do not ready to think beyond their small house.

Its not their fault.Because they might be stagnant in a place for a long time or they might have similar kind of people around them.They might be uneducated.Even some uneducated persons have the broad mind its because of their experiences and exposures.And we can many educated criminals that is because of lack of values in their education.

Its very difficult to change them.But what a broad minded person can do is,just ignore that kind of personalities.This kind of ignoring habit will show your level of maturity and broad mindedness.Time and situations in their life definitely will change them one day.

Look the world as a bird’s eye view.All the best 😎✌

Where you can see the GOD?

Feel the real god in you

No one clearly knows how this universe formed and what force has been working behind this universe to make this much galaxies.Because still the universe has been expanding .

We the people of earth given N number of names to GOD.Who is the GOD? First of all,Is GOD there? If God is there,what’s the duty of GOD? GOD’s duty ll be to protect the earth as like other planets in this universe.This is a macroscopic view.If we see it as a microscopic view,The god may see every people of this earth individually .These are the possibilities.

Wanna feel the real god? If you have a chance to help people in their difficult times when every door for help is closed.You can feel the real god on their eyes and in your heart.God might be taking rest on that day or god might be busy in managing other galaxies.If you replace the absence of GOD by you,Someone will replace the GOD for you when God is busy.

Spread the humanity

feel the real god in you

By M.S.Mathan